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'Iftars 2022' - For new explorations and discoveries!

Dear donors, scholarship holders, activists and friends of the Source of Hope Foundation, Evoking all the searches, values, benefactors, encounters ...

March 23, 2022

New dormitory unveiled

Today, Foundation Source of Hope hosted the opening ceremony of new constructed building. Our dormitory “Prof. dr. Fikret Hadžić” gets ...

October 8, 2021

Photo gallery: dorm construction progress

Towards the future appearance of the dorm. Keep track of weekly progress.

September 12, 2021

Invest in Education

Dear friends, We invite you to get involved in the campaign. The future is woven through education and be the threads ...

February 16, 2021

Third concrete slab has been casted

Regardless of the weather conditions, construction works on the extension of the dormitory are performed according to the agreed dynamics. ...

February 5, 2021

The Foundation is building a new dorm

As you can see every day, right before your eyes, exists an entire world filled with young souls, whose hard ...

January 30, 2021

Mini school of coding for high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This weekend, high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina learned to program at the Mini school of coding in the ...

January 25, 2021

Fifth traditional Mini-school of informal education completed successfully

In the period from December 19th to December 27th 2020, highschoolers of the Ilidža Municipality, had a cycle of workshops ...

December 28, 2020

The cornerstone was laid for constructing and increasing accommodation capacity

Today, the cornerstone was laid for the construction of additional accommodation facilities for the dormitory. The laying of the foundation ...

December 16, 2020
Ucesnici Mini-skole o psiholoskom zdravlju mladih 2019. Fondacija Izvor nade

Psychological health of young people as the focus of a Foundation “Source of Hope” project

Today, in the premises of Student dormitory “Prof. dr. Fikret Hadžić”, Foundation for the promotion of education and culture “Source ...

November 22, 2019