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Mini school of coding for high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This weekend, high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina learned to program at the Mini school of coding in the Python programming language. 156 high school students from 42 cities applied to the coding school.

The target of the workshop was to introduce to the world of programming high school students who want to develop their own application, meet IT professionals and increase the chance for a successful career in IT. It was also important, for everyone who wants to enter the world of programming in an efficient way or knows another programming language, and wants to master “Python”, to provide interesting theoretical and practical content.

Expectations were high and the agenda dense. Participants had the opportunity to go through the basics of a programming language from start to finish, from installing the environment to the first own game.

 Python was chosen because it is popular and simple.  


  • Introduction, installation, and setups of Python environments
  • Basics of programming
  • Control flows and functions 
  • Mini project

When applying, it was clear how eager the young people are to acquire new skills and knowledge, as this was the main reason given for applying. In addition, it is positively surprising to note that many already have a vision and have found a field of interest and are largely building a path to a successful career. 

“My expectations are to gain some basic plus knowledge, an introduction to a higher level in the Python programming language, to be familiar with the subject matter and possibilities of the Python language, which will of course greatly contribute to my future profession or hobby.” (K.J.)

“Since I am a student of the gymnasium, where I attend the IT department, I can therefore confirm that I am very interested in the IT sector. I have self-taught a couple of websites, and I try to catch additional education wherever the opportunity presents itself. I expect from the Mini School to learn some new skills in this field, which will be useful to me through my further education, and also through the work of the IT sector that I plan to do, and I think that this education would come in very handy. ” (N.R.) 

“Learning the basics of programming in the Python programming language is one of the reasons for my application, but I would definitely highlight the additional motivation for the IT area when I meet people who have similar interests as me during the workshops. Personal development is always positive. I believe that one can progress, motivate and succeed only if we invest our time by learning from the best, who do their job with love the best they can every day. It will convey to me the desire and the will to advance in the IT field, and the desires and the will are the keys to success. ” (N.B.) 

“I attend electrical engineering high school, so I would welcome knowledge of the Python language. Pokušavam samostalno učiti pa će mi ove serije predavanja mnogo olakšati. I expect a lot of learning and great company! ” (A.B.)

A diligent team in the backstage introduced those present to the Mini School. The whole course of workshops was led by moderators Dženita Đulović and Anesa Čutun, with the help of Samira Aličić, Senida Hadžić, Selma Kesten and Sara Međić, who enriched the fun corner and gave participants the opportunity to get to know each other better and achieve cooperation.

At the beginning of the workshop, the participants met with a connoisseur of IT practice and ecosystems of BiH and beyond, a top IT expert and university professor Dr. Dino Kečo. In addition to an introduction to the IT world, the professor answered dozens of directly asked questions, from the choice of profession, domestic and foreign IT market, through the dilemma, which faculty to choose and why it should be IT 😊. And when you prefer not to choose IT.

Then the lecturers, Aldin Kovačević, Sandi Stokanović, Ajdin Bajrić, took action and in seven sessions went over the basics of the Python programming language. Through examples, tasks and finally a mini-game project, and with a lot of dedication and energy, they managed to meet the expectations of the participants and gain great sympathy and praise.😎


In the sea full of tutorials and video lectures which are available to young people, it was very challenging to make a curriculum which can be followed in two days.

Participants had a chance to evaluate Mini school of coding at the end of the workshop. Generally, the concept was accepted, but we would like to single out compliments for instructors.

“The way Ajdin, Aldin and Sandi werw teaching. Their way of teaching was not boring at all. They present coding as something fun.”

“Good explanations of our lecture and examples from real life, which made me understand coding better.”

“I want to praise lecturers who were very careful, detailed and clear. They used terminology which is understable and they tried to explain the curriculum better to everyone who followed. Presentation was useful and examples were practical. We hope that we will have these lectures live.”

“When it comes to our lecturers, all of them were great, but especially Aldin, who really explained understandably and everything he said for these two days, I remembered more than in school for the whole semester. I don’t dispute the work of Ajdin and Sandi, because they were great, as well!”

“Considering that this is the first time I have heard about this programming language, lecturers explained Python to me in a very simple and understable way. I also like Python as a language, it’s simple and understable. ”

“A lot of examples done and preparedness of lecturers.”

“Professors were taking turns and because of that it was not boring. They explained perfectly and in a very short amount of time, we went through a lot of material.”

“Competence of lecturers, prudence and using simple expressions, so beginners and advanced users of Python can be able to understand. Lecturers took care of all the details, so we can understand better. Apart from the essence itself, I was especially touched with the way of communicating with participants and respecting the time. Although organizers are older than participants, they treated us with respect, and if I am attracted to the topic of the next event, this will be one of the main reasons for applying. Thank you for your time!”

By this impressions, Mini school of coding was ended. Participants got the certificates, and the best of them got the prize. The winner of the mini quiz at the end of Mini school will choose an adequate course from Udemy platform, which will be provided by Foundation. Congratulations to Katarina Šolaja, Ismail Džafić and Adnan Maleškić, who took first place. Materials and exams which were used during the Mini school left all participants for using and further studying.

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