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The Foundation is building a new dorm

As you can see every day, right before your eyes, exists an entire world filled with young souls, whose hard work and quest for knowledge, inspire optimism and hope to flourish throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. That world exists within the dorm of the “Source of Hope” Foundation, which is yours as much as ours, and houses on an annual basis around one hundred carefully selected young people, children of Bosnia, who produce significant achievements and results in their formal and informal education respectively. 

These young people learn together, achieve excellent results in their academic work, both at university and other fields. They also work on projects of voluntary nature on local as well as international levels. They cooperate based on peace building principles, multiculturalism and mutual respect, and above everything else, they provide help and moral support to each other in the unique and productive atmosphere of the student Dorm. 

Finally, the Foundation represents a surrogate family for most of them, while for some it is the only option. 

In the year 2021, the project of expansion of the capacity of “Prof. Dr. FIkret Hadžić” dorm, has begun, and is expected to be concluded in the same year. This project represents a chance for us all to be humane, and help a larger number of young people to find a family on our premises. We are lucky to be surrounded by good and permanently heading towards ourselves becoming the integral part of the good that surrounds us. 

Now, together with you, we are opening the FUND for this project’s completion. Approximate cost of the project is 1 million convertible marks (BAM), and as of the moment of writing approximately 250 000 BAM has been donated. We thank you in the name of all those whose chances of better education will be improved, and whose chance of growth and progress will be increased due to your help.

From 2010, up until today, with your continuous help, we have supported over 350 students, and completed dozens of humanitarian and educational projects. We have also invested over 2.4 million BAM into education, and brought together over 500 benefactors who have invested their time, money, knowledge and experience so that we could be able to share our positive story with all of you around the world, years after our story had begun.  

This project is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we believe that you share our enthusiasm and commitment to it! Young people will continue spreading hope. 

WIth all our resources, we stand at the disposal of our community! 

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