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Invest in Education

Dear friends,

We invite you to get involved in the campaign. The future is woven through education and be the threads that connect young people, education, and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future!

For over a decade, in the Foundation Source of hope, we have been striving to provide opportunities for young people’s growth and development. Hundreds of young people have created their way with the help of our Foundation. We are convinced that we have been a part of the positive change in our society. The successful careers of dozens of young engineers, doctors, professors, programmers and many other professions testify to this.

The path we have set is by no means an easy one. Every day we face many challenges that are worth overcoming. We invest knowledge, energy and resources along the way, to help young people create their life paths through education and make Bosnia and Herzegovina more progressive and prosperous.

Support for these goals was provided by citizens from BiH and the diaspora, deeply aware of an educated person’s importance and value. At the same time, it is one of the main ways of financing the work of our Foundation. We will be happy for you to support this positive story. This support is not only reflected in youth scholarships. It is much larger and has a much broader dimension. It allows young people to feel secure in their choices and use their knowledge and effort to plan their place in the Bosnian labour market.

Despite uncertainties posed by the current health situation, we plan to adapt our work and provide support to young people and maintain the work of the Foundation until some more beautiful time comes.

How to contribute to the action “Support education “?

We are so happy because we can insight you as a future, temporary or permanent donor with ways of supporting the work of the Foundation. There is no minimum or maximum amount you need or can pay. You determine the amount you want to help young people in their education. 

PS: Towards the future appearance of the dorm construction, keep track of weekly progress

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