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Aldin Kovačević: Constant desire for progress!

Aldin Kovačević, a scholarship holder and activist of the Source of Hope Foundation, chose IT for his profession. It is ...

February 15, 2021
Damir Beslija, Fondacija Izvor nade

 Damir Bešlija, student with 10.0 GPA: Set your priorities and be aware of your qualities

Damir Bešlija studies English language and literature. For the third year of studying he doesn’t know any other grade than ...

June 20, 2019
Elvedin Šabanović, stipendista Fondacije Izvor nade

Elvedin Šabanović, student of the Music Academy: I enjoy spending my free time playing piano

He discovered love towards music at the age of nine. Ever since then he has perceived the world around him ...

April 16, 2019
Dina Osmanović Fondacija Izvor nade novembar 2018.

 Interview with Dina Osmanović: Every success is a result of positive thinking in the first place

  Dina Osmanović is a young and ambitious student of Genetics and Bioengineering with an average grade of 9.8. Dina's attitude ...

November 14, 2018