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Elvedin Šabanović, student of the Music Academy: I enjoy spending my free time playing piano

Elvedin Šabanović, stipendista Fondacije Izvor nade

He discovered love towards music at the age of nine. Ever since then he has perceived the world around him through music. Every obligation on this path he has understood as a challenge that needed to be conquered. So far, Elvedin Šabanović, a student of Sarajevo Music Academy and a member of scholarship program of “Source of Hope” Foundation, has been very successful in doing so.

Šabanović was born in Tuzla on June 16th 1999. During his primary education, he began feeling love for music which led to him enrolling in the Lower Music School in his home town Živinice. After a little break from his musical education he continued actively playing after his 5th grade of primary school. In the year 2014. He enrolled in Music high school “Čestmir Mirko Dušek” in Tuzla. Four successful years of high school work proved to be enough for Šabanović to achieve his goal of enrolling in the Music Academy of Sarajevo, whose student he is now.

When did you discover love towards music and notes?

My love towards music appeared spontaneously during my third grade of primary school, when I was only nine years old.


You finished high school education in Tuzla? What kind of memories do you carry with you from that period?

Yes, that was a very nice period of my life, a period filled with different emotions, ranging from the nervousness and fear of the entrance exam, then happiness, pride and ultimately sadness for going separate ways with my friends and professors, some of which, apart from being excellent teachers and educators, stayed in our hearts, through all the knowledge they transferred to us, and all the happy moments they provided us with.

Many exams on the semester endings, concerts, internal classes, public appearances, it all made us different from most high schools in this country. We did not have that great working conditions, especially because the space in which our school was, happened to be shared with two other schools.

The bell that was supposed to mark the beginning and ending of classes, never rang in my school, as we did not own one. But all that, although seemingly sad, does in no way deserve belittlement, but exactly the opposite, as I am sure that very few schools can boast with such atmosphere and unity among students and the professors alike.


You continued your path at the Music Academy of Sarajevo. How satisfied are you with the result of your studies so far?

My musical path has continued due to a strong effort, work and desire. I am quite pleased with the results I have achieved so far during my first year of studies at the Music Academy of Sarajevo. I am doing my very best to achieve the best possible results. The feeling of being capable to achieve more is something I try to maintain in order to keep giving the best I can.


Studying at the Academy requires many trips and performances? How difficult is it to coordinate all your obligations with the performances in cities both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad?

When you love something, and find yourself in it, it never represents a heavy burden in your life. It is an obligation but you see it as a chance to improve yourself and keep taking the road of perfecting a gift that God has given you and that you are proud to share with others.


You are also a member of Pontanima quire?

I am a member of the inter-religion quire Pontanima, a quire that respects, nurtures and at the same time connects all religions and traditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Which performance would you single out and for what reason?

I think that one performance stands out as the most special. That would be the performance at the opening ceremony of EYOF. I simply cannot describe the feeling of being part of such an organization and atmosphere, and being there at the opening ceremony which in turn signifies being a part of an event that will be remembered by younger generations with the same pride as the Sarajevo Olympics are remembered by those who witnessed it in 1984.

How do you spend your free time?

Although I haven’t had that much free time since starting my studies, I enjoy spending my time playing the piano, turning my thoughts into sounds, and doing so, creating my own works, or cover other works with my style. Besides that I follow football and enjoy playing football based virtual games.

Which instrument are you particularly fond of playing ?

That would be the accordion, which was the first instrument I learned how to play.

Who is your favorite artist that can be found on your repertoire?

When it comes to the worldwide music scene nowadays, I would single out Hans Zimmer, and his incredible movie scores. I also compose some movie scores in my spare time.

When it come to the regional music scene, I am a big fan of the late Toše Proeski and his songs, as well as Divanhana and their sevdah performances.

You have taken part in certain programs created by the “Source of Hope” Foundation whose member you are? How would you describe the support given to you by the Foundation?

I am more than happy to be in the “Source of Hope” Foundation’s scholarship program. With the support provided to me by the Foundation it is easier to overcome certain difficulties. Friends, as well as the administration and employees of the Foundation do their best to create a very special and positive atmosphere within the dorm, which can be felt even outside the halls of the “Source of Hope” student dorm.


What kind of music would you recommend to your peers? What would you single out, and for what reason?

I do not see myself as a supporter of only one type of music. Everybody finds themselves in something else, and that should be respected. When it comes to me, I listen different types of music based on the way I feel at different times. I would only have one suggestion to people, and that would be not to judge people based on their musical preferences, because it can be a reflection of their feelings at that particular moment, regardless of whether it was classical or any other kind of music, although different levels of musical quality definitely do exist.

Somebody understands and enjoy music by composers and songwriters who are capable of sending a message through their musical prowess, while others are more inclined to enjoy those artists who strive to be commercially successful. The difference of these two types of music is the lifespan. The former lives on much longer than the latter.

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