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 Interview with Dina Osmanović: Every success is a result of positive thinking in the first place

Dina Osmanović Fondacija Izvor nade novembar 2018.


Dina Osmanović is a young and ambitious student of Genetics and Bioengineering with an average grade of 9.8. Dina’s attitude is that you have to approach life challenges with positive energy and relaxing spirit, and try to find everyday opportunities to establish new friendships and acquaintances. Osmanović has been a scholar of the Foundation “Source of Hope” for several years and this year she has been given the role of mentor for the high school scholarship of the Foundation.


In an interview for the official website of the Foundation “Source of Hope”, Osmanović reveals experiences from the work in the non-governmental sector, the organization of time and everyday obligations, working with scholars of the Foundation, plans after undergraduate studies.


You have left your hometown Kalesija as the best student of your school generation? What do you remember from the days of primary school and your high school period?


I do not remember days from elementary school that much. I remember that as class mates we used to listen music bands as Bijelo Dugme, Plavi Orkestar and Crvena Jabuka and we managed to use every opportunity to promote them in the school yard. As for the high school days, I remember the lessons and the classes because of various seminars and projects and also my classmate who justified all of it and was endless support. Also, I must not forget to mention my class, people who have made me remember high school with a smile on my face.


This far, you have made notable results in the non-governmental sector. Which results and projects would you mark off?


The project that I am really attached to is “Raise Your Voice”, a project aimed at encouraging leadership and communication among high school students. That was the first time I met with writing a budget and coordinating the project. I would also like to mark off the projects “One Sweet Child One”, whose goal was to collect sweets for New Year’s presents that we donated to the Association of Children with special needs, as well as the “Mini School of Informal Education and Professional Orientation” which included workshops conducted in secondary schools at area of Sarajevo.


This year you have enrolled the third year of the Faculty of Genetics and Bioengineering at the International Burch University? What is the desire for genetics?


To be honest, my enrollment to college happened spontaneously. I had a great desire to study physics and to deal with astrophysics, but after getting a scholarship at the International Burch University, I decided that it was the right choice for me. Genetics is a science that is experiencing an ever-increasing rise from day to day and I am fascinated with the advancement. The best of all is that so many things are undiscovered and that genetics is still an unexplored area.


The average grade for your previous study is almost ten (9.8). How did you manage to achieve such an average?


I’ll repeat what I already said on one occasion when they asked me the same question. Every success is the result of positive thinking in the first place. The above average is the result of a lot of effort and denial, but the most important of all is that we accept every obstacle and believe that it can be overcome.


Until today, you have remained to stay involved in the work of many non-governmental organizations. How much does “networking” mean to you?


Of course it means a lot to me. So far I have met a large number of people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and heard a great number of new opinions and ideas. The most important thing is that wherever we go, we always have somebody we can turn to ask for help or to randomly talk while having a coffee.


How does Dina organize her free time?


Sometimes it is very difficult to organize time with many obligations that I have. Usually, my priority is the faculty obligation and the “free time” I use for other activities like volunteering at the Hastor Foundation and the Foundation “Source of Hope”. I spend the rest of my free time in hanging out with my friends.

You are a scholar of the Foundation “Source of Hope”. What are your views of the concept realized by the Foundation “Source of Hope” in its work?


What is very important is that the Foundation “Source of Hope” provides training in various aspects of our lives. The Foundation encourages us to be the best in what is happening around us, and in addition to being humble and being a positive example to others.


What message would you send to young people in our country?


The only way for our country to survive and to stay strong is that young people begin to think critically and make changes starting with themselves and their local communities. We all know that the past can not be changed, but the future is, quite surely, in the hands of the young people.


What are the plans after you graduate?


After graduating, I am planning to enroll in a master program related to genetics or molecular biology.


What is the life motto of Dina Osmanović?


The true purpose of life is to dedicate it to something that will overwhelm us.

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