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Workshop for scholars of the Foundation “Take a map and get on the way”

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The Foundation “Source of Hope” this year, with its annual plan and program, organizes a systematic education of life / additional skills for all scholars. Building additional qualities, along with their fixed education, is an important step in increasing competences and capacity building for young people.

“We are aware of the importance and the complexity of the labor market, and above all, we are interested in increasing of our daily quality of life.

There are about 8 planned trainings that include lecture plus workshop / acquisition of practical knowledge. There are topics such as: Time Organizations, Quality Learning and Self-learning, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Creativity Development, Critical Thinking Development, Management of Emotions, Stress Management, etc.

So far two training courses have been completed. First I held a presentation on the topic “Responsible Lifestyle / Productive Orientation. This topic was used as an opening for other topics. The goal of the presentation was to wake the will of young people to work on themselves. And, most of us know this saying, but to give ourselves an answer: why and how to make this world a better place because I was there.

The second is on Time Management, held by Tarik Dautović. These scholars could take a lot of motivation and practical tools for better and more productive use of time.

And we always say that we are happy, and our scholars should be able to complete such education within the framework of our facilities and build additional quality that will benefit them in every way,” said Merjem Salihagić, an expert counselor for educational issues at the Foundation “Source of Hope”.

On Tuesday, December 25, at the Gastroid Hotel, a life skills workshop called “Take a map and get on the way” was held. The workshop was led by Tarik Dautović, founder of the Center for Personal Development (Bosnian: Centar za Lični Razvoj).

Achieving goals is of paramount importance in business and personal life, and our time is the most valuable resource we have. The aim of this workshop was to acquire the skills and knowledge of time and priorities management of the participants.

How to improve personal organization, how to effectively set and achieve goals, how to best direct and distribute your work and life energy, how to achieve the maximum in daily activities, how to effectively manage time and priorities, how to lead a healthier and happier life – these  were the main topics of this workshop.

The workshop was intended for everyone who wants to improve their personal efficiency and learn the most useful principles of personal organization and time management.

“Attending this kind of workshop was really useful. Sometimes a man is unaware of the importance of the time given to us, and it is very important to use it in the right way. I’m glad we talked about productivity, priorities, and ‘thieves’ of time and energy. I hope to adopt some techniques for planning and organizing time and activities in accordance with recognized priorities,” said Fatima Hujdur, a scholar at the Foundation “Source of Hope”.

“I think the workshop was of great benefit to us students. I sincerely hope that we will be able to attend similar workshops in the future, especially because the lecturer put maximum effort into this workshop. I believe that other colleagues have enjoyed and acquired the knowledge that will benefit them, as the lecturer emphasized “discipline is very important” which is what we actually miss and without which we cannot fully manage our time,” said Elvir Čavkić, a scholar of the Foundation “Source of Hope”, at the end of the workshop.

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