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Summer school for children from diaspora - LOST IN BIH

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There are rules we constantly learn, but never truly adopt and understand. One of them is difficult, relentless, and always determined to teach us that glorious and incomprehensible “gratitude”. This rule says that “we see those most valuable blessings most clearly when we lose them”. According to some, the definition of a homeland is just that – “what we especially appreciate when we move away from it”.

We are all reminded of this definition from time to time through short journeys, however, some people are driven away from it by some more permanent and strange ways, as they constantly grab opportunities to keep close to themselves and to be inspired by it. The purpose of talking about all this are the opportunities we offer through the unique project “Lost in BiH” – My travelogue about Bosnia – through which young people who do not live in BiH can love it even more, and to us who are here to be grateful for everything that the homeland gives us. We want to get lost in the beauty of the homeland again!

This project is designed as a seven-day program of traveling through history and the most beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Participants who will be a part of this program will have the opportunity to get to know their beloved homeland and learn contextually about special places, monuments, and landscapes. They will also have a chance to socialize and be mentored by young peer mentors and youth coaches from all over BiH. This project will help them improve their skills and through facilitation, tasks, and challenges motivate them to create their own mini-travelogue about BiH.

The goal of the program is to educate young people and raise awareness of the importance of getting to know their homeland, productive patriotism, and advance them in the process of becoming ambassadors of its values wherever they are. An excellent blend of educational and entertainment content, tailored peer approach, intellectual and moral detoxification, and a positive energy boost and empowering experience.

Using psychic terms – “We see the way forward”! What a way forward this will be for all young people from the diaspora who get the opportunity to participate!

The call for applications is open. Share it with friends in the diaspora!

Please find attached:

  • About the candidate’s profile – Who can participate? 
  • About the program agenda – What are we doing and where are we going?
  • About resources and registration fee – What is needed?

And finally: Are we ready to go?


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