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The Source of Hope Foundation signed contracts with 128 students in 2019/2020.

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Fondacija Izvor nade potpisivanje ugovora 2019_m

Foundation for the Advancement of Education and Culture “Source of Hope” tonight in the Student Dormatory “Prof. dr. Fikret Hadžić “ has hosted a ceremony of signing a scholarship agreement with 128 students.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of management, the Foundation’s Board of Directors, guests and numerous scholarship recipients.

In a keynote address, Director of the Source of Hope Foundation, Tarik Agetović said, “that scholarship recipients want to be helped through various activities, lectures, workshops, seminars, educations and gatherings, all with the aim of growing into fair and honorable members of society and community.”

“We also want you to justify the trust of your parents and over 150 donors who trust us, and believe that young people like you are the future of this country. So I ask you to be aware of this and to justify your success in every sense. We want to help you further develop and recruit through additional practices, and the crown of our work will be when you have the opportunity to help new generations in their education, ”said Director Agetovic.

Alma Kantardzic, a member of the Board of Directors of the Source of Hope Foundation, said she was delighted that the Foundation is continuously helping young people that the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to count on in the future.

The attendees were also addressed by Merjem Salihagić, Expert Advisor for Educational Issues at the Source of Hope Foundation. She told the present scholars to try to find the good in themselves as it would do good in and around them.

“It is our thought that we change logic from negative to positive and that through charity we are always at a profit and not at a loss,” Salihagic said.


Musinbegovic: I see the Foundation as a bridge between me and my goals

During the ceremony, contracts were signed with seven fellows who completed their high school education as students or pride of a generation.

Selma Turčinović enrolled in Management Studies at International Burch University this year. She was a student of the generation at a high school in Kiseljak. As a student, she was active in the Association of High School Students of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has completed numerous projects behind her.

In her address to the grantees, she said that positive experiences can be created at a glance and that she has already experienced them.

She told her colleagues that they had to fight for their place in society and that they could do this by hard work and use the Foundation’s support along the way.

Hasan Mušinbegović is a student of the Study of Computer Science at the International University of Sarajevo this year. In high school he was a student of the generation and a participant in mathematics competitions.


In his address, Mušinbegović said it was important for young people to be proactive members of society.

“I thank the Source of Hope Foundation, which is a kind of bridge between me and my goals. The support I have felt in this short time is indescribable and I hope that in the future we will all benefit from this collaboration. I am particularly pleased that the Foundation gives us young people, who are full of ambition and enthusiasm, the opportunity to stay together and motivate one another to be as good as possible. It is up to us, young people, to be a change in society that will encourage everyone else to wonder how they are contributing to the community and how they can give their support, “said Mušinbegović, among other things.

Students received different scholarships, and this year’s criteria set for grantees are success and reign at school or college, a family social card, an interview with Foundation representatives, and selection of one form of volunteering. Thus, future scholars, coming from different parts of B&H, will receive scholarship amounts of 50 to 250 KM.



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