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The “Source of Hope” Foundation organizes blood donation event

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The Foundation for betterment of education and culture “Source of Hope”, organized a blood donation event today, in the student dormitory “Source of Hope”.

Cooperation that has lasted for several years between the Foundation and the Institute for Transfusion medicine of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, continued this year. Students living in the dormitory, including the staff and other citizens willing to take part in the donation were welcome to give blood.

Staff of the Institute for Transfusion Medicine pointed out the significance of blood donation and also the needs of medical facilities for a steady supply of blood for medical purposes. Special emphasis was put on the fact that donating blood does not affect the donor’s health if it is done in the right way by the appropriate procedures. Also, donors were informed that one dose of blood can save up to three lives each.

Merjem Salihagić, counselor for education within the Foundation and coordinator of today’s action said that she was pleased with the participation of the students.

“We are happy to get involved on an annual basis to blood-donation actions. There is much to be said about the benefits of this noble act. However, the most important for us, is to have our students and all those involved in the work of the Foundation recognize the significance of this act, and despite their commitments take time to give their contribution. We find it important to raise awareness of social responsibility and this is a good chance for our students to contribute to society” Salihagić concluded.

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