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The scholarship holders prepared a wonderful ceremony

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The scholarship holders prepared a wonderful ceremony


November 26, 2020

On 25th November 2020, in the premises of the Student Dormitory “Prof. Dr. Fikret Hadžić” in Sarajevo, a quiz called “Game of Mind” was held on the occasion of the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, entitled “That I love you, my soul knows”.

The Foundation “Source of Hope” provided symbolic awards for the first three places. At the same time, students made sure to create a positive atmosphere and manifest their love for the homeland in the most beautiful way possible.

Twelve teams participated in the quiz, and the quiz itself consisted of 30 questions of both historical and modern type.

1st place and a prize of 100 KM won Ajdin Karić and Omer Muminović.

2nd place and a prize of 75 KM won Sefer Osmanagić and Abdullah Kadirić.

3rd place and prize of 50KM won Mirza Hodžić and Sabahudin Mekić.

The moderator of the program was Delila Bajrić, and the moderator of the quiz was Aida Mešić. Eldar Pezer treated everyone with several Bosnian traditional songs called “sevdalinka”, Samira Aličić and Melisa Neslanović with recitations, and Elvin Memić played guitar and sang with those present.

Melisa Neslanović and Sara Međić are responsible for the live video broadcast and photos of the program on the Facebook page of the Foundation “Source of Hope”.

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