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The manifestation for the ending of informal education for young people of Ilidža Municipality held

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Zavrsna svecanost Mini-skola za mlade Opcine Ilidza, 2.11.2018


The project “Mini-school of informal education and professional orientation for young people of Ilidža Municipality” started with the goal of offering the young people of Ilidža quality informal education and point out the significance of professional orientation.

Throughout the project, young people had the opportunity to take part in workshops about leadership, young activism, presentation skills, and public appearance skills, communication skills, project activites, writing CVs, motivational letters, mobility of young people and business skills. Through this project they strived to perfect their personal abilities, skills and talents.

Participants of the project were spoken to by Amra Bojičić, expert counselor from the Sector of education, culture and young people of Ilidža Municipality.

She gave her full support to the work of the Foundation and the efforts put in to working with young people of Ilidža Municipality.

“It is our pleasure to support projects that contribute to informal education of young people, especially from our Municipality. I offer my congratulations to the participants of the project and hope that the cooperation with the Foundation “Source of Hope” will continue in the future.” said Bojičić during her address.

Gratitude for the participation was also given by Selma Sulejmanović, psychology professor who spoke on behalf of “Fourth Gymnasium of Ilidža”.

Sulejmanović said that cooperation with the Foundation was established two years ago and thanked for the invitation to the students of her school to participade in the planned activities.

Amel Duranović, PR of the “Source of Hope” Foundation introduced the people present with the activities the participants had the chance to attend, while Iman Salman spoke on behalf of the students about the impressions of performed activities.

The participants of the project, high school representatives, and the representatives of Ilidža Municipality were given Certificates of participation in the projects, and received gratitude for their contribution and financial aid in the realization of the project. Amra Bojičić gave out the certificates for participation, while the official representatives received their certificates from Merjem Salihagić, expert counselor for educational questions in the “Source of Hope” Foundation.

The representative of the Foundation’s Board of directors, offered her congratulations on the realization of aforementioned project and expressed hope that the local community will continue recognizing the Foundation as a quality partner in realization of projects of the same kind. She wished the young people success in their further education and invited them to take part in similar projects in the future.

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