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 The Foundation “Source of Hope“ donated IT equipment for the School Kuprešani in Jajce

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Representatives of the Foundation for the advancement of education and culture “Source of Hope” yesterday delivered IT equipment to Kuprešani Regional School, which is part of the Primary School Jajce, which should make it easier for students and teachers to complete the teaching process.

The school, made up mostly of children of the Romani population, was selected with the aim of additional help to this population in order to attend classes in modern conditions of schooling.

The visit was the result of previously established cooperation with representatives of the school, the medžlis and Municipality of Jajce. This is the third activity of the Foundation during this year that was implemented in the primary school Kuprešani, in collaboration with teacher Rifeta Turanović, main imam MIZ Jajce Zehrudin ef. Hadžić and Jajce Mayor Edin Hozan.

“This is a continuation of the cooperation that the Foundation is making with Medžlis IZ Jajce and Primary School of Jajce , more specifically the Kuprešani Regional School.

We appreciate the desire and intention of our donors to contribute to better and quality education for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have donated seven computers, two laptops, two projectors, two projector screens with the help of Foundation.

The desire is to encourage the Romani people and their children to motivate and direct their generations in the education, because only in this way can we expect their more active involvement in social actions.

We hope that this equipment will make it easier for the teachers of this school as well as their students to do daily work and will improve the quality of teaching and teaching process. We believe that we will find ways and cooperate in the coming period”, said Tarik Agetović, Director of the Foundation “Source of Hope”.

The principal of Jajce Primary School, Sakib Emušić, thanked the representatives of the Foundation for their assistance and support while the President of Medžlis IZ Jajce, Almir Kunić, delivered the gift and expressed gratitude for the assistance so far, and readiness for future cooperation.

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