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Sulejman Abazović, a scholar of the Foundation “Source of Hope” is attending the Academy for BiH political leaders

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Sulejman Abazovic, stipendista Fondacije Izvor nade, učesnik Akademije za politicke lidere BiH

Sulejman Abazović, a scholar of the Foundation for the enhancement of education and culture “Source of Hope” and a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Criminology and Security Studies was admitted to the Academy for BiH political leaders.

The first module of the Academy was successfully implemented in Banja Luka from November, 28 to December, 1 and young political leaders, a total of 20 from 13 political parties and 14 local communities, have acquired skills in “Media, Advocacy and Leadership”.

During this module, participants had the opportunity to speak with parliamentarians from the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska, Davor Šešić and Denis Šulić, as well as with a member of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Irfan Čengić. In order to bring the work of the institutions closer together and establish a sustainable model of cooperation between young people, the civilian sector and executive and legislative authorities, receptions were organized with a spokesman of the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska, Nedeljko Čubrilović and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Anton Kasipović.

The participants of this year’s Academy had the opportunity to listen to lecturers such as Igor Davidović, Igor Radojičić, Miloš Šolaja PhD, Srdjan Dušanić PhD, Ermin Hajder, Milijana Kos and Slobodan Blagovčanin.

Advocacy and leadership topics were presented as well as hands-on negotiation simulation exercises.

In the coming months, the participants will expect 3 more modules to cover topics in the field of politics, but also political theories that are relevant to their continued engagement. This year the newspaper at The Academy is the Sustainable Online Platform (SOP), the first sustainable online platform in the region. The platform allows you to listen to lectures with online instruments with the representative aspects of attendance and fact analysis, and open discussions with other participants.

“Perpetum Mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development” Banja Luka implements the program “Academy for BiH political leaders”, which has been ongoing since 2007 and aims to empower young leaders of political parties and to support a new generation of politicians who will cooperate to advance their communities and society as a whole. The program is being implemented with the assistance of the US Embassy in BiH. So far, 214 young politicians have graduated from the “The Academy for BiH political leaders” from 45 local communities and from 30 political parties. Of this total, 45% were found to be progressing at various inter-party and authorities levels in BiH.

“This is one very important step that leads to leadership and taking on important roles in our society that are more challenging, harder and more serious”, said Sulejman Abazović after completing the first module.

The proof is Abazović. Through his dedicated work, this young leader is working on promotion of mutual dialogue between young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and attendance at the Academy should further improve knowledge and skills which this young student from Gornji Vakuf indisputably owns.

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