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STUDENT magazine: The Foundation “Source of Hope” offers a new standard of student accommodation

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Casopis Student o Fondaciji Izvor nade, maj 2019.

The new issue of the Informative magazine STUDENT brings an article on the Foundation “Source of Hope”. Nine years of work of the Foundation was a reason for the students to remind themselves how and in what way the Foundation contributes to improving the conditions of study in our country.

“In addition to offering accommodation to our scholars, we are trying to provide them with different types of seminars, workshops and lectures in order to make their spare time better and be more ready and capable for work,” among other things said Tarik Agetovic director of the Foundation “Source of Hope” in an interview for the Student magazine.

You can read the article in the May edition of Student magazine below.

Časopis Student: Fondacija Izvor nade nudi novi standard studentskog smještaja_maj_2019._a



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