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Stjepan Kljuić in his address to the young people: There will be Bosnia, remember that!

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Stjepan Kljuić: Bosne će biti, to zapamtite! - Predavanje 21.11.2018. u Fondaciji Izvor nade


The Foundation for betterment of education and culture “Source of Hope” held a formal program and lecture to mark the 25th of November, Statehood day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Large crown was greeted by introductory recital and anthem by Delila Bajrić and Elvedin Šabanović, students of the Foundation. The people present had the opportunity to watch a short film, combined from the three best videos of  “Record your patriotism” competition organized by the Foundation.

Guest lecturer during the event was Stjepan Kljuić, former member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency.

Speaking on the topic “Perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the foundations of its statehood” Kljuić said that different systems of rule had come and gone through Bosnia. Bosnia stayed and survived, while the great empires fell apart.

“Bosnia is a gift from God, and what we have here is quite rare. It is important to give young people an opportunity, especially in operational businesses. You, the young people must and should fight. Leaving is the easiest thing to do. If you leave you sell your strength. You have treatment but not the pleasure. It is a great thing to be in you homeland, and it is a whole different question how to replace and change the power. Life is one and you can’t not share it with your compatriots. It is on you to turn things to the better. There will be Bosnia, regardless of her outer and inner enemies, remember that.”, said Kljuić and commended the activities of the Foundation.

“You are not aware how much this Foundation means to Bosnia and Herzegovina. There should be 50 foundations like this one. I will do my best to have this story heard far away.” said Kljuić.

Tarik Agetović, the director of the Foundation “Source of Hope” at the end of the lecture, presented Mr. Kljuić with a gift. A handmade work of a student funded by the Foundation, as a thank you for his lecture and time spent socializing with the students and friends of the Foundation. In conclusion he congratulated everybody November 25th, the Statehood day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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