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Samira Aličić and Dragana Vučković successfully complete UMiD training

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Learn, think and do (abreviated UMiD from its Bosnian expression) is a training program lasting one year, organized by the Institute for young people KULT, Sarajevo. UMiD is a training which offers those enrolled to gain self-confidence, sense of social responsibility and acquire skills of teamwork and leadership. The training is an officially recognized informal education program which offers young people possibility of acquiring different competences which in return should result in making them a stronger contender in the work market. The program is made up of seminars, practical exercises and volunteer work. UMiD takes people from ages 15 to 30. It enables young people to become active leaders in their local community, and help solve issues of young people, meet new friends, learn new skills, socialize and perfect themselves.

On Wednesday, December 5th 2018, the certificates for participation in UMiD and also certificates for UMiD for political leaders (UMiDp) were given out. Recipients of the certificates were “Source of Hope” funded students, Samira Aličić and Dragana Vučković.

“UMiD was a life-changing experience. I learned many new things, perfected my skills and got to meet many different young people. We all came in as individuals, with our own individual goals, from different fields of work, and different age, but we were a group that shared a common goal: to become leaders in our respective communities. Fairly quickly we became a team ready to fight off the most difficult tasks and societal problems, and we finish our training as members of a large family. This certificate for me personally, does not represent the ending, but a new beginning. I am now ready to change myself and my community, and I have a team of people in support”, said Samira Aličić.

Aličić participated in the work of ONAuBiH assembly

Young journalists association in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ONAuBiH) is a nongovernmental organization created with the goal of enabling young people quality education at all levels of journalism business, via training, seminars or educational work. It is a multi-national and multi-ethnic organization capable of offering young people an opportunity to get closely acquainted to the media, learn more of them, and participate personally in creation of media space. ONAuBiH organizes different project with the goal of representing media, offering young people the chance to get more information they could not otherwse get, and directly participate in the organization’s activities.

ONAuBiH is an organization that tries to prove the worth of young people and their ideas. Besides their attempts to better the quality of media, it strives to strengthening connections among all people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General assembly of ONAuBiH was held during 8th and 9th of December 2018. With the goal of choosing the new organization leadership. Assembly was attended by approximately 30 young people from all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whom had a chance of better meeting the candidates for the board of directors, as well as the candidate for the organization president. Besides leadership election, the assembly was also used to present the annual report of the organization’s activities for 2017/2018, and also plan activities further ahead. One of the delegates of the general assembly was Samira Aličić, one of the “Source of Hope”-funded students.

“I believe that in today’s society the media have a greater influence to the opinion of the public, and that the freedom of media is very important. ONAuBiH is the only young journalist organization in the country, that offers young people the space for learning, and development in all fields of journalism. General assembly was a wonderful experience, where I had the chance to talk to people from all over the country, and also the chance to contribute to the organization by electing the Board of directors and suggesting my own ideas for where the organization could go next”- said Aličić after the assembly’s conclusion.

The Management of the Foundation offers sincere congratulations to our students for the effort they already have and still are putting in towards working with young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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