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Prof. Ph. D. Džemal Hadžismajlović is announced as honorary member of Foundation „Source of Hope“

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Dodjela plakete prof. dr. Dzemalu Hadzismajlovicu, 16.5.2019., Fondacija Izvor nade

Board of Foundation for improvement of education and culture „Source of Hope“ announced prof. Ph. D. Džemal Hadžismajlović for honorary member.

Last night during one of two traditional iftars for vakifs and donors of Foundation, in Student dormatory „Prof. Dr. Fikret Hadžić“ in Sarajevo, he was given the plaque.

„Plaque is given for unselfish contribution in work of the Foundation, promotion of education and culture. Prof. Ph. D. Hadžismajlović, who lives and works in Australia, every year spend a few months in B&H and with his devoted work promote the Foundation and it’s projects as well as actively raise founds for scholarships of pupils and students“ said the director of the Foundation „Source of Hope“ Tarik Agetović during giving the plaque.

Plaque to the Hadžismajlović gave the president of the Board of Foundation „Source of Hope“, mr. Eldin Kunto.

Prof. Ph.d. Hadžismajlović in his speech said how important it is to give the support to those who deserve it.

„Ours is only what we give the others. I’m suprised with this plaque. Something that attracts me in the work of the Foundation, from year to year, is that we share problems between us and work on their solving. There is no doubt that people who support the work of Foundation, besides that they are successful in running their companies, also are successful in their private plan“, said prof. Ph. D. Hadžismajlović.

During this week Foundation has organised two iftars for vakifs Student dormatory „Prof. Dr. Fikret Hadžić“ and donors of Foundation „Source of hope“. Vakifs and donors who were present were adressed by representer of Board mr. Alma Kantardžić, director of the Foundation Tarik Agetović and students Damir Bešlija and Selma Hećimović.

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