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New “Source of Hope” Foundation website becomes operational

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Redizajnirana web stranica 8.3.2019.

The Foundation for betterment of education and culture “Source of Hope” released the redesigned website today, which is up to speed with modern web trends.

“It is our wish that by this change our old and new visitors are introduced to our work in the best possible way. A website is a necessary tool in that respect, and we entrusted the job to a company that has realized a significant number of projects up to now. We would like to thank the expert staff of the “Well Business Promotion” company which has delivered a successful redesign of the website in the predetermined deadline”, said Tarik Agetović, the director of the Foundation.

The responsibility of the website redesign was entrusted to the “Well Business Promotion” company, which implemented all of the required elements, especially focusing on the transparency and simplicity of the website itself.

New elements on the website are a brand new outline but with the colors of the Foundation still very much present, as well as a version of the website in English, installation of SSL certificates of safer acces to the website and a responsive web design for mobile devices and tablets. This enables visitors to search more efficiently, and access information more quickly as well as being able to share the contents on respective social media.

On the website, among other things, information can be found about the mission and the vision of the Foundation, its work, accolades, media reports, and also information about the ways of inclusion in the process of providing scholarships for high-schoolers and students.

Many users in the test phase, lasting March 1st till March 7th, expressed their satisfaction with the website’s redesign. We have no doubts that we will be receiving a significant number of messages in the near future that will concern the new design. We are looking forward to hearing praise, suggestions and criticism from our visitors.

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