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Nermin Đuzić to gain knowledge at “Harvard University”

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Nermin Đuzić from Lukavac, will have the chance to perfect his education through a course sponsored by the prestigious “Harvard University”, where he has won a scholarship of 3000 USD.

Foundation “BH Futures” in partnership with professors from Harvard University, City of Zagreb and European council of Young people of Republic of Croatia, has decided to strengthen international cooperation and finance involvement on classes from Harvard University in the field of technological innovations and knowledge through online courses.

Among 18 students chosen for a scholarship was Nermin Đuzić, hailing from Lukavac, who will attend a 5 week course: ”Using Python for research purposes”.

Students will acquire significant technological and academic knowledge through the Harvard course, which will be necessary for their future development, after which they will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and inspire and support all the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, writes Sodalive.ba.

Young Đuzić is a student funded by the Foundation “Source of Hope” which works on promotion of education and culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far Đuzić has participated in several significant projects through which he presented the public his scientific research works.

In the statement for the Foundation’s website Đuzić called this a unique opportunity for additional specialization.

“I am extremely happy to have gotten this unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a course from one of the best universities in the world, to perfect my skills in Python programming, so I could use them in bioinformatics for analysis of DNA sequences and many other things. I would like to tell my colleagues to always believe in their abilities and potential when applying to these and similar activities, because very often the biggest obstacle towards success is the lack of self-confidence” said Đuzić.

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