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Nermin Đuzić, in the organization of the biggest engineering and business project in BIH

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The months of November and December are reserved for realizing the project “BH Engineering Weeks” which took off in Živinice, Gračanica, Gradačac, Novi Grad Sarajevo and in Tuzla, as the central and largest event of its kind in the region.

Nermin Đuzić from the foundation “Izvor nade” is a part of the story; he participated in the organization of the central event in Tuzla, which was held on the 14th and 15th of November.

Nermin on behalf of the Foundation participated in the organization of the central event in Tuzla.

Đuzić organized a meet up and a  discussion session whit Almir Badnjević, PhD. He provided the opportunity for his collogues and friends to meet one of the most famous scientists in BiH and beyond. Young people thanks to this encounter with professor Badnjević and Nermin Đuzić got a recipe for success and that is: work, work and work!

The young scientist and entrepreneur Nermin Đuzić is the organizer of the conference about engineering and natural sciences in Lukavac. Nermin is a scientist who was interested in biology, chemistry and writing literary works from his high school days, he has participated in competitions and received awards. In 2015 he went to Sarajevo to study in the International Burch University. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in Genetics and bioengineering; he is one of the best students in his generation. During his studies he became the executive editor of the Burch Gene magazine, the only magazine about genetics and engineering in the region and he got to be on the editorial staff of the Faculty of Journal of Natural Sciences and Engineering. He has a couple of published scholarly works, Abstracts in Proceedings, one of which has over 20,000 reviews and is one of the most widely read papers originating from Burch University. In September of last year, he attended an internship at the Institute of Virology in Freiburg, Germany. He is a member of BH Futures Foundation, where he and other colleagues participate in the preparation of content for the Foundation’s website within the Marketing team, writes SodaLive portal.

Djuzic said during the conference in Lukavac: “During my studies, I participated in many local and international conferences, and as someone who grew up in Lukavac, I wanted to organize some similar event in order to at least partially pass on the experience that I gained onto others, primarily young people and give them the opportunity to educate themselves  and gain new insights into popular topics in science today, but also to meet other people, most notably students who are successful in their fields”.

Lukavac thus hosted the largest and most beautiful story that extends throughout BiH in November, and visitors could hear what ambitious, enthusiastic and successful young people had to say.

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