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Members of the Foundation took part in a voluntary blood donation action

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Darivanje krvi 19.12.2019. Fondacija Izvor nade

Today, Foundation “Source of Hope”, in collaboration with the Department of Transfusion Medicine of FBiH, organized a voluntary blood donation action.

Both the employees and the scholarship recipients of the Foundation “Source of Hope” took part in the action. Moreover, other interested citizens of Sarajevo could also donate their blood in the premises of the Student dormitory “Dr. Fikret Hadžić”.

Halil Merdić, a scholarship recipient of the Foundation, said how the action was an incredible chance to save three lives at minimum, through our humble contribution.

“I’m extremely glad that the blood donation action was organized in our dormitory because, as the name of the Foundation ‘Source of Hope’ implies, our humble contribution could be the hope in saving someone else’s life. I’m also glad that the student turnout was good; students not only donated blood, but they also motivated their friends to do the same, which I think is priceless. I hope that this action will continue in the future, as is tradition”, said Merdić.

Darivanje krvi 19.12.2019. Fondacija Izvor nade

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