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Klix.ba about peer mentorship of Foundation ”Source of hope”

Klix.ba Vrsnjacko mentorstvo 2018, Fondacija Izvor nade

Portal Klix.ba has published an article about peer mentorship in Bosnia and Herzegovina in which the interlocutor is Merjem Salihagić, counselor for educational matters in Foundation “Source of hope”.

“Peer mentorship is special way of volunteering which purport help from peers to peers. Just a few organizations in B&H dedicate quality attention to this way of volunteering, while some centers for youth and non-governmental organizations use this as a method of work”, says on portal Klix.ba.

In a conversation for this media Salihagić has said that “in pedagogic science there is a lot of talking about mutual influence between the peers, but there is a feeling that in some countries mechanisms of quality exploitation are poor developing and channeling that influence. We usually, especially in the last time, are talking about the consequences of bad peer relationship – about peer bulling, mobbing and things like that. My opinion is that the peers mentorship preventive systematic process which can stop peer bulling. Of course, like in everything, there is a lot work to be done for one period, so that it could be done on the nice and attractive way of cultivating the will ‘helping your peer’ between the children – pupils and students.

“In Foundation elder students help to youngsters in adaptation, learning and other types of support. On projects like this there are 26 peer mentors who are involved. Other volunteers are involved in external projects. They have collaboration with Children home on Bjelave and work projects of support, meetings and things like that. Also they have instructive help which their volunteers provide to children in SOS villages”, is said at portal Klix.ba.
Salihagić has expressed hope “that in the future, in all levels of educational relationship (formal and informal) peers mentorship cherish like attractive quality which will children be willing to practice and feel obligate like “modern and in” to help other children, pupils or students which they see they are lonely and who are in need for any kind of support”.

Whole article you can read at this link.

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