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Jajce Online: The Foundation “Source of Hope” finances excursion to students from Kuprešani


Web portal Jajce online posted a piece of news about the excursion of students from the Elementary school OŠ “Jajce” Kruščica PŠ Kuprešani.

The students visited the vizier city of Travnik, and the sponsor of all the expenses of the trip was one of the activists and donators of the Foundation “Source of Hope”, from Sarajevo.

This is a result of cooperation that was accomplished through the Iftars 2019. Initiative which included the Kuprešani congregation this year.

“Students, parents and teachers would like to thank our friends that we met during the mubarak month of Ramadan, and wish them luck and success in further work! We send special gratitude to the chief imam of the Medžlis IZ Jajce, professor Zehrudin ef. Hadžić who showed himself yet again as a true friend of our school”, said among other things, the letter of thank you posted on the Jajce online web portal.

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