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Josip Pejaković in the Foundation „Source of Hope“: Many broke their necks trying to take over Bosnia

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Josip Pejakovic Fondacija Izvor nade 1

The Foundation for the Advancement of Education and Culture “Source of Hope” organized a Night of Love for Bosnia and Herzegovina with famous Bosnian actor Josip Pejaković.

The audience enjoyed the talk of Pejaković, who spoke through a synthesis of his life journey, love for history and some of his works.

“When you want to see yourself, don’t do it in front of a mirror. You are just putting on an act. Look at someone across the street. That’s how I’ve done it throughout my life. It’s a great way to determine how good you are,” Pejaković said to the youth.

“In the history of Bosnia, I was particularly fascinated by the character and work of Husein-kapetan Gradaščević. He was my idol throughout my whole life. He became a captain at the age of 19. While growing up, he and Ilhamija remained as one of the brightest things in Bosnia’s history. I like him because he did not pay attention to anyone. He knew where evil was. He knew that evil was in the people who executed his brother, and that is why he wanted to correct that evil, ” Pejaković said, adding that “Bosnia has always been a stumbling block and many broke their necks trying to take it over.

During his visit, Pejaković recited 1989’s “Rajvosa” (Sarajevo) for the present audience.

The Foundation’s scholarship student, Kasim Kajdić, presented Pejaković with a gift, a unique work of art of the Foundation’s scholarship students, as a token of gratitude for the spent time.

“This was an opportunity for young people to learn more about the importance of love for their homeland. On a cold January night, we warmed up with warm messages of love for our homeland. The goal of the Foundation is to bring together lecturers who, with their knowledge and life experience, can help young people in our country, and our respected actor Josip Pejaković certainly can”, said Naida Kokić, deputy director of the Foundation „Source of Hope“.

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