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“In Optima Forma” wins 8th annual futsal tournament organized by “Source of Hope” Foundation

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Foundation for betterment of education and culture “Source of Hope” organized 8th annual futsal tournament today, for the students.

Tournament was held in the sports gymnasium of “King Fahd center for culture” in Sarajevo, and five teams participated.

Besides current students involved in the Foundation “Source of Hope” from Sarajevo, former students also took part in the tournament, and used the opportunity to socialize and get to know current students.

Group stage was played where every team played against everybody, and the two teams with most points qualified into the final game.

The two teams involved in the final match were “Dom1 (In Optima Forma)” and “Dom2”. The “Dom1 (In Optima Forma)” came out on top and deservedly won the match with 4 goals to 3.

The winning team was comprised by the following students: Isak Šarić, Hasan Dizdarević, Nedim Ahmetspahić, Hasan Sultić, Bekir Karahodžić and Ahmed Seferović.

Nedim Ahmetspahić, the winning team’s captain, said that all teams approached the tournament with enthusiasm and prepared accordingly, something to be commended.

“Lineups of the teams were very good. The first game was quite challenging and tight due to the fact that it was the opening match of the tournament. The atmosphere was great, full of heart and desire for a great result and achievement. We are very happy that this tournament has become a tradition of eight years. It enables us to get to know each other better, and form great friendly bonds. All of the activities during the tournament went smooth without any misunderstandings, problems and most importantly without injuries. As games progressed the team “Dom1 (In Optima Forma)” proved to be the best. Members of the team are very proud of their success. We would like to congratulate to the other teams on their results. In the end we would like to extend our gratitude to the Foundation “Source of Hope” and its director for the organization of the tournament”, said Ahmetspahić.

The winning team was presented with a trophy by Tarik Agetović, the director of the Foundation, who also had the honor of being a referee in the tournament.

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