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Foundation scholarship recipients visited Milkos Company

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Scholarship recipients of the Foundation for the advancement of education and culture “Source of hope” visited the Milkos Company in Sarajevo yesterday.

At the beginning of the visit, the scholarship recipients toured the production facilities of this company. Milkos Production Director Nedim Hadžiomerović briefed the students on receiving, sorting, processing, technical analysis, packaging and distribution of milk and dairy products.

Šerif Mustafić, a board member of the Teloptic Group, which also includes the Milkos Company, presented to the students the group’s history and gave young people advice on how to better position themselves in the labor market.

“No country has a future without production. I see the future in the hands of young entrepreneurs. Today, unlike before, you have open perspectives and can spot new trends. An example is our product Ajran, although it is not the only one that our young technologists have worked on, which we have adapted to our region and achieved excellent results.

Try to realize your own ideas or join big companies and learn from them. Look at your diploma as a kind of a ticket, and then it’s all up to you and your work. It is important for you to be open and ready to learn” said Mustafić during a meeting with students at Teloptic Group headquarters.

This group owns several companies, of which the Milkos Sarajevo Dairy, Spreča Farm, Importane Center and Avaks are particularly worth mentioning.

Director of the Izvor Nade Foundation Tarik Agetović and educator Merjem Salihagić thanked Mustafić for the well-organised reception and visit, and expressed hope that the Foundation’s scholarship recipients will implement the tips and recommendations in their future business engagements.

Let us remind you that the system of entrepreneurial visits of the Foundation “Source of Hope” aims at spreading awareness to young people about opportunities in BiH through discussions with executives of BiH companies and facilities, motivating them to think about job opportunities, motivating them to improve different business skills and ultimately bringing them closer to the job market.


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