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Dr. Sarajkić: “Qur’an was revealed in order to prepare people for the future”

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Foundation for betterment of education and culture “Source of Hope” hosted a lecture from Dr. Mirza Sarajkić on the topic „Qur’an – book of the future“.

The lecture aroused great interest of people which was evident by the filled hall in the Student dormitory “Source of Hope” in Ilidža.

Dr. Sarajkić specifically referred to the importance of recognizing signs (verses from Qur’an) and action according to those signs as well as spiritual and intellectual awakening.

“The signs are always ahead and forward. Like traffic signs – they show us directions, they are a kind of instruction and we decide on the action after the interpretation of each sign individually. It is similar with the verses from the Qur’an, their role is to prepare us for the future, i.e. to think about them every day and again and thus prepare for future action”, Sarajkić said during the lecture.

He explained that the Qur’an was published to help people improve their state of being, to take the lessons it contains, because “the Qur’an is an infinite table served by Allah, and the people can take what they need. He is full of signals, codes, words, instructions and it is important to interpret them in the correct way to create a kind of projection and action plan. ”

Sarajkić also emphasized the importance of mutual communication. “Those closest to us always love the word and love talking. That is why it is important to communicate daily as well as to establish a certain communication with Allah. That communication is the Qur’an, the word of Allah,” Sarajkić said.

“The future is an opportunity and we will shape it with our current behaviors. Many developed companies and countries have departments for the future, which is the space and time of potential change. The European road map of our country is a kind of projection of the future where it is clear how and in what way the desired goal should be achieved. In Muslim tradition, the topic of the future is almost nonexistent, is poorly questioned, but the space certainly exists. The Qur’an was published to bring people out and prepare for a better future. When the Qur’an speaks of the past it provides guidelines for the future as well, ” Sarajkić pointed out, emphasizing the significance of projection and planning that the Qur’an calls for and the constant awareness of Allah.

Sarajkić is active in the scientific-teaching process within the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo as well as in the field of translation both from Arabic and English. He is the author of translations of books from various fields, some of which are published by the Center for Advanced Studies.

The director of the Foundation “Source of Hope” Tarik Agetović thanked Sarajkić at the end of the lecture for his separated time and organized lecture. He handed Sarajkić a handmade plate, a work of the scholars of the Foundation, as a sign of gratitude for the separated time and the given lecture.

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