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Aldin Kovacevic has been proclaimed as the valedictorian of the IBU University

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Aldin Kovačević, student generacije 2019.


Aldin Kovacevic, a scholarship recipient of “Fondation Source of Hope” , has been proclaimed as the valedictorian of the International Burch University in Sarajevo and for the best student of the Faculty of the Information Technologies in Burch University.


During his undergraduate studies, Kovacevic achieved outstanding results and completed his studies with an average score of 10.0, earning the University Gold badge.


The graduation ceremony of graduates and doctoral students was held at the Hotel Hills in Sarajevo last night.


In a statement to the official website of the Foundation, Kovacevic says, “To be proclaimed a student of the generation is a great honor and responsibility, and the fact that I achieved that degree at my University makes me very happy. I am grateful to all the professors and academic environment of the University as well as the “Foundation Source of Hope” on everything they did for me in education, as well as providing me an environment where I could show my knowledge and skills. I find that the ‘secret to success’ lies in simple dedication and adequate organization of time. If we devote our time in a convenient way by finding a good balance between work and leisure, and also we do our best to help our commitments made in the most complete and correct way, we will surely find a way to success. Maybe it is not simple, but it is certainly fulfilling and profitable”.


Besides of the business and faculty responsibilities, Kovacevic has, as a peer mentor at the Foundation greatly helped younger colleagues in adapting to new environments and studies as well as in the process of mastering new academic challenges.


Hasan Okanovic, a scholarship recipient of the Foundation, was also named the best student of the Faculty for Education and Humanities. Okanovic earned a silver badge with a 9.9 GPA of the University.


Dina Osmanovic, a scholarship recipient of the Foundation Source of Hope, has been recognized for academic excellence.


The administration of the Foundation sent sincere congratulations to Kovacevic, Okanovic and Osmanovic on their achievements with the wish that they can be a motive for other scholars in their efforts to achieve their intended, student and life goals.

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