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Aida Tule during lecture in the Foundation “Source of Hope”: Psychological immunity is necessary to human beings

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Aida Tule, predavanje 12.2.2019. u Fondaciji Izvor nade Sarajevo


The Foundation for betterment of education and culture “Source of Hope” held a lecture in the student dorm carrying the same name, located at Ilidža on the topic of “Psychological immunity” carried out by the psychologist Aida Tule.

Talking about psychological immunity Tule emphasized that it is an internal energy people posses and one of its forms could be patience itself.

“When it comes to damage in the psychological dimension people are usually only tired, and left without strength that goes away for different reasons. Once we reach a phase that is critical, then it becomes hard to go through it without strength. It is at this moment when we start spending our entire selves. That is when the door becomes open for different diseases. Sabur (patience) is to learn to maintain strength, energy and it is something that can be learned”, said Tule.

“We are here tonight because each one of us is looking for some form of certainty. Our every decision is preceded by the question of certainty (where to go, where to invest etc.) Psychological health of an individual is the psychological health of society. Habits can be changed”, Tule added.

“Anger is a very powerful emotion. Once repressed, it affects cardio-vascular system. The increase in mortality rates can be directly connected with suppressed anger. Anger usually appears in situations of visible injustice. However, it should never be suppressed, but communicate it out of one’s system because it is supposed to make a difference. Postponing communication turns into destruction of communication. Ego is then revealed and strikes back”, Tule pointed out.

Speaking of ego, Tule said that the task of the ego is not to bother us with its demands and orders, but building of our on certainty.

“Ego can be damaged and then it builds defense mechanisms which become impenetrable walls that we build to keep our safety. The thicker the walls, the harder it is to reach into a person’s mind.” said Tule while putting special emphasis on asking the question “Do I know how to manage my expectations, or do I know how to make plans?”

It is important to change habits, according to Tule. She says that changing habits has been scientifically proven to be possible in a period of 21 to 30 days.

“Once we change our habits, miracles star to happen. Older generations need to set an example of changes happening (in parenthood, politics…) so younger generations could follow. It is important to know yourself and have courage to make a change. Once a man is sure about himself, he is safe wherever he is”, said Tule.

Naida Kokić, deputy director of the Foundation, thanked psychologist Tule and awarded her with a gratitude certificate for her support of the work done by the “Source of Hope” Foundation.

Tule has been working for almost two decades in the field of applied positive psychology through education and counselling. She works all over Bosnia and Herzegovina in both government and civil engagements, as well as in the countries of the EU. She actively participates in seminars in Bosnian, German and English languages.


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