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Adnan Avdić, scholar of Foundation "Source of Hope", a key player at the match against Velež

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Adnan Avdic Igman-Burch

Adnan Avdić, scholar of Foundation „Source of Hope” was a key player for BC “Igman Burch“ at the match against „Velež“.

Young players of basketball club “Igman Burch“, who are in the A2 league, group Jug, managed to take the win from favoured Velež with an end result of 74:72, and Avdić scoring 22 points.

“Guests from Mostar were in a lead of 15 points for most of the match, but the players of BC “Igman Burch”, with a good defense, managed to get into the last quarter with a difference of minus five points. On the scene steps Avdić and in the last few seconds of the game, even with three rival players shielding him, scores from 4-5 meters and of the board, granting a win for Igman Burch”, writes BHBasket.ba

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