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17 scholars of the Foundation "The Source of Hope" with GPA above 9

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Uspjeh stipendista Fondacije Izvor nade u skolskoj 2018/2019. godini


 The students of the Foundation for promotion of culture and education “The Source of Hope” achieved remarkable results in the first semester of the academic 2018/2019 year.

Scholarship students achieved an average GPA of 7.42, while high school students recorded an average grade of 4.06.

Particularly special is the fact that five students had outstanding results with an average GPA of 10, while 12 students had GPA above 9.

14 high school students achieved average grade of 4.06.

“These results are definitely inspiration to continue to support students from different parts of our country. We are very happy with their results. Certainly, we always suggest that they work and study hard, so that they can learn from experienced teachers and implement it in jobs when they are employed. We are very grateful that we can support their efforts to achieve the best results during their education,” said Tarik Agetović, the director of the foundation “Source of Hope”.



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