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Visiting Srebrenica within the project "Homeland Through History"

The realisation of the project “Homeland Through History” which was started by the activist of the foundation “Source of Hope” this weekend got a new percetage of realisation.

Sunny weather and a pleasant suroundings were the followers to our activists on their trip to Srebrenica. After a few hour trip the first stop was memorial center Potočari.

After the prayers, historical class was held by Amra Begić, head of department for general, legal and economic affairs and museum activity of the memorial center Potočari. After historical class, participants were able to watch a movie about Srebrenica.

City tour started by visting the Central Mosque. The host was Begija Vejzović Smajić professor of maths and physics in the First primary school in Srebrenica and, at the same time, a representative in the National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the RS entity. She introduced the present to the way of life in Srebrenica, the difficulties they encounter, but also the beautiful things that are happening.

The participants of the project thanked Vejzović Smajić for hospitality and a joint sightseeing tour of the city. The participants at the end of the trip visited the wellspring Guber.

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