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The strengthening of youths through praise and critics

Modul Pohvale i kritike by Merjem S. - Mini-skola 2019_a

As part of the last module of the Mini-School of Informal Education on Psychological Health of Young People “Start, Change, Realize”, young people from the municipality of Ilidža learned about the correct understanding of criticism and praise.

The educator on the last module was Merjem Salihagic, Expert Advisor for Educational Issues at the Source of Hope Foundation.

The aim of one of the workshops under this module was “to empower young people not to be quasi-confident and fragile but to be able to gain true healthy self-confidence.”

Young people have learned that believing in oneself and one’s abilities can help them to accomplish something.

“It’s important to know and accept yourself with things we can and can’t do. How much do you actively ask yourself, ‘How well do I know myself?’ When you know yourself, the moment you fail you can return to your self-esteem. A healthy self-esteem would play the role of a foundation to which we return to know what we can and need. It solidifies with each new experience. Our development never stops. We should always believe in our progress”, the youth was told during the workshop.

“Self-confidence is constantly tested with praise and criticism. Young people should beware of false praise through knowledge of the true values ​​of themselves. In terms of how praise and criticism are addressed, young people are told that praise and criticism are not about destroying a single personality but rather aiming at behavior. A mature person can distinguish between personality and behavior. In this connection, the following should be avoided: comparing a person with others; humiliation of the whole person; criticism may produce better growth than praise, but the sensibility with which it is expressed is essential. There is no path to happiness, the path itself is happiness. Do not wait for the days when everything will come together. Live in the present moment”, it was said during this module.

“When we are influenced by the opinions of others, we need to maintain a positive image even when we are not happy under it. Many opportunities pass us by because they are not as we imagined them. When we get praise and criticism, let’s think about who we get it from and why. A wise man profits wherever he can. Do not build the opinion of inadequate people and their words. Let us take what is for us and what is well founded. Don’t let anyone interfere with your growth and lose your wings without foundation. Everyone is in the process of growing. We do not need to make a judgment; someone may be in the process, just has not yet succeeded. Praise and criticize with purpose. You may also change other ways they do this. You can be the one who will motivate others and you can be the change”, Salihagic said when working with young people, thus further empowering them to treat criticism and praise constructively and rationally.

This module completes the project “Mini-Schools of Informal Education on Psychological Health of Youth ‘Start, Change, Realize’” aimed at young people from the municipality of Ilidža.

The final ceremony of this project, at which participants will be awarded certificates for participation in the project, will be held on November 21, at 11 am on the premises of the Student Hall “Prof. Dr. Fikret Hadžić” in Sarajevo.

Pohvale i kritike by Merjem S. - Mini-skola 2019_d
Pohvale i kritike by Merjem S. - Mini-skola 2019_c
Pohvale i kritike by Merjem S. - Mini-skola 2019_b
Pohvale i kritike by Merjem S. - Mini-skola 2019_d
Pohvale i kritike by Merjem S. - Mini-skola 2019_c
Pohvale i kritike by Merjem S. - Mini-skola 2019_b

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