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Successful action “Iftars 2019” organized by Foundation “Source of Hope”


The last week of Ramadan activists of Foundation “Source of Hope” have visited jemats Orahovica in Bileća and Blagaj in Bosanski Novi. During those visits 165 iftars was donated and 72 packages for children.

Foundation “Source of Hope” within the tenth action named “Iftars 2019” has donated 1413 iftars and 445 packages for children.

Action “Iftars 2019” has been coordinated in cooperation with Rise of the Islamic community, mufti, main imams and the imams of the places that were visited.

This year, activists have visited ten places: Gornji Vakuf (Boljkovac), Prijedor (Ćela), Jajce (Kuprešani), Zvornik (Glumina), Orašje, Prnjavor (Konjuhovci), Bileća (Orahovice), Bos. Novi (Blagaj Japra). Next to the mentioned places, activists of foundation “Source of Hope” have also visited jemats Stupni do near Vareš and Nažbilj near Kakanj.

“This year action “Iftars 2019.” was very successful. We are very pleased by the fact that we have been contacted by our Bosnian and Herzegovinian people from the diaspora that selflessly supported the action “Iftars”. We are gratefull to the God for the opportunity to participate together in doing good and at least for one day to share the joy of the month Ramadan and iftars with our returnees”, said director Agetović.

In our photo gallery you can seen some of the captured moments during the action “Iftars 2019”.

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