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Project "Homeland Through History": Visits to Ravna and Crna Rijeka Villages


The “Source of Hope” Foundation’s activists continued with the realization of a so-called “Homeland through History” project. So for yesterday’s visit, villages Ravna and Crna Rijeka which are located on the slope of the mountain Zvijezda were chosen.

The Zvijezda Mountain is located in central Bosnia, more precisely between the towns of Vareš and Olovo. It has several points above 1,300 meters above sea level, whereas the highest is 1,349 meters. This mountain is often visited by hikers and other nature lovers.

On the slopes of this mountain activists were warmly welcomed by hosts of Ravna village, Hafiza and Osman Kapetanović, who kindly served them in their rural household Šadrvan.

Ravansko field in which the village of the same name is located is characterized by pine forests, fir and spruce, mild hills, meadows and forests, water springs, clear and fast streams.

After a visit to the village of Ravna, activists visited the village of Crna Rijeka, located on the same named plateau.

The “Source of Hope” Foundation’s activists enjoyed the clean air and beautiful landscapes of Nišićka Plateau during this visit, which can certainly be a call to all those interested in signing up for one of the following visits and enjoying the natural beauties of our country.

Alma Kantardžić, a SC member of the Foundation “Source of Hope”, thanked Alma Tabučija who welcomed all activists at her weekend cottage at the Nišićka Plateau.

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