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Prizes awarded to the best participants of the competition “My greeting card to the homeland”

Takmicenje Moja cestitka domovini - Lamija Hakalovic

Today, in the premises of the Foundation “Source of Hope” in Sarajevo, the competition “My greeting card to the homeland” was concluded with an official award and acknowledgments ceremony.

On the occasion of November 25th, Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, young people had an opportunity to participate in the competition and send their digital greeting cards using the Facebook page of the Foundation “Source of Hope”.

The competition lasted from October 23rd to November 15th, 2019, and the best participants were provided with rewards of 150 BAM (first place), 100 BAM (second place) and 50 BAM (third place).

Nearly 50 entries were submitted to the competition, and ten entries with the highest number of likes were selected into the shortlist.

After the evaluation committee reviewed the ten entries, three were recognized as the best and awarded prizes.

First place in this competition was won by the greeting card of Lamija Hakalović from Mostar. Second place went to Amina Perenda from Travnik, while Sabina Lelić from Srebrenik was third place.

“The management of the Foundation ‘Source of Hope’ thanks all participants who took part and gave their contribution to the promotion of love towards the homeland. We hope that we will continue with similar projects in the upcoming period, in which we will motivate young people to use their work and voice to create a better and more beautiful environment for the future of our nation”, was said during the award ceremony.

The winning entries are on display in the premises of Student dormitory “Prof. dr. Fikret Hadžić” in Sarajevo.

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