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At Glumina near Zvornik, Safet Rivzić awarded the plaque of the Foundation “Source of Hope”


The Foundation “Source of Hope” hosted and iftar for over 200 fasting people, in the Glumina congregation near Zvornik. This marked an end to the second week of Ramadan with 380 iftars given out in the places of Skela near Jajce, and Glumina and Skočić near Zvornika. The younglings were rewarded with a 150 giftbags.

The activists of the Foundation visited the production units of the “Source of Treasure” company, prior to the Glumina visit, a company that deals with cultivation of fattening chicken. The development and current activities of the company were presented to the activists by the company’s director Sejfudin Hodžić.

The Glumina mosque was too small to receive all of the fasting people in the time of iftar. The time preceding the iftar itself was filled with speeches by the host and the guest.

Serving as a host, Mevludin ef. Smajlović spoke to the crowd. He thanked the Foundation for choosing Glumina this year as one of the repatriated places where iftars were to be held.

Tarik Agetović, the director of the Foundation spoke on behalf of the guests. He put special emphasis on the mubarak month of Ramadan in the process of finding a better relationship with God:

“Seeing that this has now been ten years of having iftars with our returning citizens, we have been in several places in Zvornik, including Kamenica, Križevići and Mahmutovići, while some of the students for these areas are involved in our scholarship program.

Your survival here in this teritory of our country, signifies the survival of Bosnia and Herzegovina itself, and we are especially glad that the repatriation has been completely realized here, and that there are children that are our future”, said director Agetović among other things.

In line with the decision of the Management board of the Foundation, to give the title of an honorary member of the Foundation, last night a plaque for an honorary member was given to Safet Rizvić, a repatriate from Zvornik, and an activist of the Foundation that has worked selflessly on promoting the Foundation and actively participated in the realization of the Foundation’s programs and goals.


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