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Bulend Saciragic, Fellow of the Source of Hope Foundation: Let's find the problems we enjoy solving

Bulend Saciragic, stipendista Fondacije Izvor nade

Bulend is a young and promising recipient of a scholarship in the foundation “Source of Hope”. Through his past involvement in youth work, he has demonstrated remarkable organizational skills. Photography and video making were his hobbies, and today he arranges business arrangements and shows his creativity through a lens or as a director behind the camera.

He couldn’t get over his love for basketball.  He works hard with young people in a Sarajevo club and passes on his knowledge to new generations at our country’s largest basketball school. His distinctive lines are organization, accuracy and neatness.

In addition to the two charities listed, Bulend has built his life experience through participation in a number of non-governmental organizations, and has achieved very notable results with the Local Team of the Pupils Association of High School Students of BiH.

Read his thoughts on youth and many other questions below.


How would we describe Bulend in three words?

Open, optimistic, curious.


You entered the world of basketball and multimedia (photography and graphic design) as an elementary school student. Where is the passion for the above?


I started training basketball in 5th grade, and my first encounter with graphic design and photography arose out of necessity. While I was still playing basketball at BC Orlovik from Zepce, there was a desire among the players and management to promote the club matches as much as possible to attract more audiences. I decided to try to make a poster that everyone liked in the end, and so my life spheres of interest turned in this direction.

When I stopped playing basketball and got the opportunity to work as a coach at BC Orlovik and later became the youngest member of the basketball club presidency, we had a clear vision. If our team wants more members and the result, besides quality work, it must have a recognizable brand and visual identity, which I also worked on, and the result was that we became one of the largest sports collectives in Žepče municipality with over 100 members.

In the meantime, in addition to my involvement with BC Orlovik, I also created 3S – Success Solutions Studio, my wedding photography studio, graphic design, branding that, after a few name changes, becomes a brand new brand in the coming period, in collaboration with several of my friends.


How difficult is it today to deal with photography given the increasing number of new photographers and the availability of photography equipment (cell phones, cameras, etc.)?

People who do not want to work will say that it is difficult to deal with anything and find new excuses over and over.

I believe that when we leave our typical BiH victim mentality aside and stop complaining about the fact that equipment is expensive, the market is small and no one appreciates our work, and we dedicate ourselves to building our skills and abilities, no market is too small and this can be one very interesting and profitable business.

Although there are a growing number of new people on the market, there is always enough work for all of us. What we are really doing is helping clients increase their sales by branding their company, photos, videographer, visuals… If we are really capable of doing that, then I believe that there is no problem in increasing our sales and finding new clients.


Do you also work at BC Realway Sarajevo?

After becoming the youngest member of the Presidency of the Orlovik Basketball Club at the age of 18, and together with my colleagues, I wrote a wonderful story that is still growing today; it was soon time to start my studies.

At that moment there was interest from a couple of clubs in Sarajevo for my involvement as a coach, but also as a digital marketing and PR manager. After changing several positions, today I work as a PR manager at the Realway Basketball Club in Sarajevo, which is also the largest basketball school in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 700 members across the Canton of Sarajevo.

Also, I spend my free time coaching the youngest boys and girls at several BC Realway basketball schools in Sarajevo, which is, at the moment, actually the maximum I want when it comes to coaching engagement.

Were you actively involved through the non-governmental sector, in particular through the Local Team of the Pupils Association of High School Students of BiH? What experiences do you have from that period?

When, at the age of 16, I came up with the idea of ​​founding a Local Team of the Zepce High School Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then neither I nor anyone from the team that worked on the foundation of the team knew the very definition of an NGO, and at least what awaited us in the period that was in front of us.

It was really a period when we, as high school students, had to make our first connections with those who wanted to listen to us, fight for our fundamental rights and start our first projects.

I also believe that the experiences of that period when we really worked on everything ourselves made us significantly more capable personalities who easily tackle environmental issues.

Today, LT Zepce AsuBiH tells one great story about how high school students in Zepce truly have the support of the authorities to carry out their projects and of course, which was my biggest wish when I started the team, that only when we want national barriers do not really exist.


How would you describe a work day in your life?

Although I am not a person who likes to get up early, I try to start the day and the period before I go to work as early as possible to work on myself; whether it’s through gym training, reading a book, or watching your favorite YouTube channels. During the day I am in the club rooms or if there are not too many obligations then I work from home. In the afternoon I work on my projects in the field of design, photography and ideography, and in the evening I am in training. On days when I don’t have training, I use the evening to study for college or vacation.


Are you trying to connect basketball, photography, graphic design, marketing, and economics? How much do you manage to do?

There has always been a doubt in my head about how everything I do can actually be combined into a single story. In the past year, I have probably managed to sort it out and now my work day consists of all the activities I love and want to do. Positioning at BC Realway through training fulfills my passion for basketball, and working in the PR and digital marketing spheres also fulfills my other passion for design and photography. Faculty of Economics and Management Degree where I am currently actually educating students for one of the management positions, so upon graduation I will also receive a valid diploma, which will certainly come in handy in the case of foreign engagement.


Are you a member of the Izvor Nade Foundation? What is your opinion on the work of the Source of Hope Foundation?

The Source of Hope Foundation provides a really great opportunity for young people to continue building their lives in Sarajevo under excellent conditions. The Foundation’s management, as well as the entire environment, exude positive energy and warmth, and really give all of us the motivation to move forward.


More and more young people are leaving B&H, some are leaving for ever and some are going temporarily and to study? What are your plans for the future?

It’s too early to talk about long-term plans since I’m still studying and building myself. I believe that there are opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for those who show an interest in it and put in enough effort and work. On the other hand, going abroad is not an option, especially when it comes to continuing your education.


What is your life motto?

Wherever we go, there are 100 problems ahead of us, and that’s okay. The point is not to run away from problems, but to find the problems we enjoy solving.

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